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POINT TO CIRCLE is a professional China Intellectual Property agency in Shenzhen, China. Professional agent service, and will fully assist customers in the registration process. The company has become the Chinese domestic trademark and patent authority in China. We provide a full range of professional services to global enterprises, including global trademark applications, global patent applications, and global copyright registration services. Especially provide China Intellectual Property application services for foreign enterprises that need to enter the Chinese market, and protect their Intellectual Property.

Our Main IP services

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

Patent Application

Patent Application

Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

Gold Patent Attorney

Meng Zhiguang, Postgraduate StudentPatent
Attorney, Lawyer
Partner of POINT TO CIRCLE Intellectual Property
With nearly ten years' industry experience, he has provided intellectual property solutions for more than one hundred companies including TCL Group, Skyworth, Yulong, Dirui Medical, Han's Laser, etc.


Patent Grant Time

Invention patent in as little as 45 working days

Appearance patent in as little as 2 working days

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